Abstrakt motiv af røde, gule, grønne og blå celler

Bursprak Farver

Are you looking for a disc that no one else has? Then a custom dyed disc from Bursprak colors is just the thing for you. Bursprak Farver makes custom dye disc golf discs which are hand painted by Erik Larsson in Denmark.

Bursprak Farver

Bursprak Farver is specialized in making custom dye disc golf discs, where completely white discs are painted in colorful patterns and give the disc a very special expression. All discs from Bursprak Farver are painted by Erik Larsson in Denmark. When you buy one of the dyed discs, you get a very special disc that no one else has.

Dyed discs

If you need a disc that is completely unique and is also approved for competition, it is definitely a dyed disc that you should get hold of. It is not normally allowed to use painted discs for sanctioned PDGA tournaments, because the paint can affect descent flight characteristics. That is why discs are dyed with a special type of paint that penetrates the plastic and does not affect the disc (apart from purely visually).

Dyed by Erik Larsson

Erik Larsson is the man behind Bursprak Farver. He found disc golf in 2018 and already in 2019 he threw himself into dyeing his own discs. The hobby has since developed and in 2021 Bursprak Farver was created. Erik works a lot with strong colors and contrasts in his dyes. On many discs from Erik, you will see the color lying in cells on the disc, which originates from a very special technique that is among Erik's favourites.

Paint your own discs with our DIY collection

If you are curious to try it yourself, you will find a lot of white discs in premium plastic and the right paint to start dyeing your discs yourself in our DIY Custom Dye collection .