En gran skov med en enkelt blå disc golf kurv blandt de høje træer


Løft is a Danish disc golf brand with a scientific approach to designing discs. They started in 2020, with the very popular putter Hydrogen designed to fly straighter than any other disc on the market. More discs have been added later, and here you will find a large selection of discs from Danish Løft.


The only Danish manufacturer of disc golf discs is Århus-based Løft discs, which in 2021 hit the disc golf market with an incredibly strong campaign on Kickstarter. With a revolutionary approach to the development of golf discs based on advanced aerodynamic calculations, Løft has received massive attention worldwide.

The first discs from Løft

The first disc from Løft was Hydrogen, a putter designed to fly incredibly straight. Based on calculations of the shape of the disc and weight distribution, Løft has developed a putter which, both on throws and putts, flies very straight from start to finish. The next golf disc in the range is their Borium distance driver. With the Borium driver, Løft has rethought the design of disc golf drivers, and developed a disc with a rounded edge on the underside. In addition to the first three discs, more are continuously being added.

Løft names their discs based on the periodic table, thus maintaining the style of their scientific approach to the development of new discs and to naming their products.

Løft plastic types

In addition to discs, Løft also designs and develops different types of plastic for their discs. Their two primary plastic types are Alpha and Beta-solid, which are a very durable premium plastic and a slightly harder medium plastic respectively. They continuously work on developing new plastic prototypes for their golf discs, and have also developed a powerful glow plastic that glows in the dark. Løft's glow plastic is called Gamma.

Disc golf in Løvens Hule on TV

In January 2022, Løft participated in Løvens Hul on Denmark's Radio DR1 i TV where they presented their company and gave an introduction to disc golf for the lions. Unfortunately, they did not receive an investment in the program, and they therefore continue their journey this time without getting one of the lions on board.

You can read more about Løft on their own website .

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