En disc golfer der gør klar til at putte foran sin ZÛCA vogn


The carts from ZÜCA have almost become the standard for carts for disc golf. Regardless of whether you are tired of carrying your bag, want a seat on the course or think a cart is practical, a ZÜCA is the solution. Find a large selection of ZÜCA carts and accessories at Disc Tree.

ZÜCA Disc Golf Carts

ZÜCA is an American manufacturer of disc golf carts that you can use to carry your equipment on the course. ZÜCA's carts are particularly well-known for the fact that you can sit on them, so you always have a chair with you on the course, their Pack-and-stack systems that allow you to customize your cart with a lot of different extra equipment and their All-Terrain wheels so you can drive in all types of terrain.

ZÜCA's History

ZÜCA was started in 2014 by Laura and Nick Udall in their garage in the USA where they developed a school bag on wheels for their daughter. Since then it has gained momentum, and ZÜCA today supplies many different "carry-all" carts for many different industries and not just for disc golf.

ZÜCA's Product Guarantee

ZÜCA stands behind their carts 100%, and they therefore offer a lifetime warranty on the frames of all their carts against construction defects. All moving parts, such as wheels, handles, inserts and accessories have a 2-year warranty. ZÜCA's guarantees also apply when you shop at Disc Tree.

ZÜCA Carts for Disc Golf

ZÜCA has made a number of different carts for disc golf, all of which meet different needs of you as a player.

ZÜCA All-Terrain Disc Golf Cart

All-Terrain is the original disc golf cart from ZÜCA. It consists of three primary parts: A frame which is the cart itself, an insert bag, and a disc rack. The three parts are bought separately, so you have plenty of opportunity to get your All-Terrain wagon exactly as you want it.

ZÜCA Back Pack Cart (Normal)

A Back Pack Cart is intended to be used with your regular disc golf backpack. You can therefore put your rucksack into your ZÜCA Back Pack Cart and in that way turn your rucksack into a cart. ZÜCA has also made a Trekker insert bag that fits the Back Pack Cart if you want to use this instead.

ZÜCA Back Pack Cart LG (Large)

A Back Pack Cart LG is a wider version of the regular Back Pack Cart. It is made to ensure that there is room for even the large disc golf bags on the cart. Just like the regular Back Pack Cart, there is also a Trekker LG insert bag that fits the LG cart.


EZ Cart is a ZÜCA cart without a top, which has room for the very largest disc golf bags. When your bag is on an EZ Cart, there is also a small shelf under the bag where you have room for any extra equipment.

ZÜCA Transit Cart

The Transit Cart Zuca is delivered with a bag, so you are quickly ready to get out on the course. There is room for over 25 discs in the bag, and at the same time there is a shelf underneath where you can have space for everything else you need to take with you.

ZÜCA Compact Disc Golf Cart

Compact Cart is, as the name suggests, a compact disc golf cart with room for 15 discs. It is delivered as a set with a bag and a fabric disc rack. Both bag and rack can be changed to other colors over time if desired.