En horisontlinje med høje nåletræer og blå himmel


Northstar is a Danish brand that both designs and produces all its discs in Denmark. The first discs from Northstar were released in 2022 and you can already find a large selection of discs in several different and very special types of plastic.


Northstar is a Danish disc golf manufacturer founded by Peter Kofoed. All their discs are designed and produced in Denmark with the aim of contributing to the national disc sports development. The first discs hit the shops in 2022 and the selection is continuously growing.

Northstar plastic types

Northstar discs come in three primary plastic types in 2022: Base-Line, Competition Line (C-Line) and Northstar Line (NS-Line). Base-Line is a basic plastic with a good grip that is primarily used for putters and midranges. C-Line and NS-Line are both premium plastic types that are characterized by high wear resistance. C-Line is slightly transparent while NS-Line is solid.

In addition to the different types of plastic, Northstar has a number of effects in their plastic, including the super nice glitter effect that is like no other on the market. Glow plastic from Northstar is also of very high quality.

Northstar molds in several versions

Northstar work with different versions of a mold, so you get the same feeling in your hand from your favorite discs, regardless of whether you need to use a more understable or overstable version. This approach to producing discs means that Northstar has built up a large selection of different discs in a short time.

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You can follow Northstar on their own website and on social media where they can be found on both Instagram and Facebook.