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Sportsacks help you maintain a good grip on the disc and ensure a consistent release every time. The small fabric bags quickly and easily remove moisture from your hands, regardless of whether it is on wet or very hot days on the disc golf course.

Sportsacks for disc golf

A sportsack is a small fabric bag that helps you keep your hands dry. It often contains chalk or another material designed to remove moisture from your hands. You often use it just before throwing, and by squeezing or hitting the fabric bag, moisture is removed and you get a good grip on the disc when you throw.

Top 3 reasons to have a sportsack in your bag

There are many good reasons to have a sportsack in your bag when you play disc golf. At the big tournaments, you often see the professional players using their sportsack before they throw. It helps them make a good throw - every time! We have compiled a list of the 3 most important reasons to have a sportsack with you on the disc golf course:

  1. It improves your grip on the disc
  2. It ensures a uniform release of the disc when you throw
  3. It increases comfort and confidence in your throw.

Get dry hands on wet and hot days

Regardless of whether your grip on the disc is wet due to rain and dew on the grass or because you are sweating on a hot day, a sports bag can be part of the solution. A sports bag doesn't take up much space in your bag when you play, and it can quickly help save you a couple of throws in a round.

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