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Disc Golf Starter Sets

With a disc golf starter set, you get everything you need to get started on the disc golf course. Whether you're looking for a new hobby or a weekend activity with the family, a starter kit is just what you need.

Disc Golf Starter Sets

Are you looking to try playing disc golf and need a good beginner set of discgolf discs to get you started? Then a disc golf starter set is just the thing for you! With a disc golf starter set you get at least 3 different disc golf discs, which is all you need. The classic starter set contains 3 discs:

  • A putter to hit the basket at the end of a hole.
  • A midrange used for medium distance throws.
  • A fairway driver for the long throws.

At Disc Tree you will find a variety of discgolf starter sets and bundles all consisting of beginner-friendly discs. In addition to golf discs, some of our beginner packages also include a disc golf bag and other equipment that are perfect for you if you are looking to make sure that the equipment is top notch from the start.

Should I choose a starter set or a bundle?

The choice of your first discgolf discs depends mostly on your budget and your ambitions. While many happily take 3 discs on the course in a bag or walk with them in the hand, there are also many who enjoy having a small disc golf bag from the start. That way you have control over your discgolf discs both on the course and when they are at home. Beginner equipment for disc golf is very cheap when compared to equipment for other sports. Whether you want to play a round with family or friends once in a while or you are looking for a new hobby, a starter set or a beginner bundle is just the thing for you. The disc golf courses are usually free to play, so for quite little money you can get started quickly.

An outdoor activity for the whole family

When you play disc golf, you are outside, and many disc golf courses are either completely or partially in the forest. So you get a nice walk in nature when you're out playing. Disc golf can be played with the whole family, where both children and grandparents can join. Each player plays with his own discs, and each player simply counts his own throws on each hole. You go together and have fun.

Disc golf courses come in many sizes, and a round of disc golf can take anything from 30 minutes to 2-3 hours, depending on which course you play. 

Explore the disc golf universe

With a starter set as a starting point, you are ready to get out and try playing disc golf. Many new players are very curious about the different types of discs from the start, and you might be too. At Disc Tree you will find a large selection of discs, and if you need an extra putter, midrange, fairway driver or maybe a distance driver, then you can get inspired by clicking around the store.