En familie med en mor og to børn der spiller disc golf med havet i baggrunden

Small disc golf bags

With a small disc golf bag, you get space for 5-12 discs and often a drinking bottle and other small items. The prices are also low, and you are therefore quickly up and running on the disc golf course.

Small Disc Golf Bags

With a small disc golf bag, you have room for the essentials for your trip on the disc golf course without having to lug around a large rucksack. Many newer players start with a small bag, and at the same time, experienced players often have a smaller disc golf bag for a pleasant trip on the course. A small disc golf bag is also practical if, for example, must be packed for the holiday, or you just want a few discs for a fun round lying in the car. Small disc golf bags can hold 5-12 discs.

The small disc golf bag

Regardless of whether you are a new or very experienced disc golf player, you can easily get around the course with one of the smaller bags. The size of the bag means that there is less to carry, and you don't have to lug around a large bag that you may not always need. We recommend a small bag for newer players as well as for experienced players who often play a cozy round on the smaller courses.

Find a disc golf bag for your needs

At Disc Tree you will find a large selection of disc golf bags to suit every need. Go hunting in our collection of disc golf bags and find exactly the bag you need.