Tre Upper Park tasker der står fyldt med disc golf discs ved siden af hinanden i en skovbund

Upper Park

Upper Park makes disc golf bags of the highest quality. Their bags are particularly known for the innovative and practical design, where you have vertical storage of your discs in several places, so they are easy to get hold of. All the way from the USA, you can now find their innovative bags at Disc Tree

Upper Park disc golf

Upper Park Disc Golf is an American brand that specializes in making disc golf bags of the highest quality. Their goal is to meet the needs of disc golf players with a passion for both the game and their equipment. Upper Park's disc golf bags are designed in unique styles, while functionality and style are of the highest priority. Upper Park has been producing their disc golf bags since 2011.

Lifetime guarantee on all Upper Park bags

Upper Park guarantees that there are no manufacturing defects on their bags when you buy them. If there is a fault, it is therefore covered by Upper Park's production lifetime warranty. It is very rare that there are mistakes on their bags, and as Upper Park itself says "We stand behind our bags". The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear from long-term use. You can read more about Upper Park's product guarantee on their own website .

Upper Park disc golf in Europe

At Disc Tree we work closely with Upper Park and therefore always try to have a large selection of their bags in stock. We ship to all of Europe. If you need a new Upper Park bag, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. You can read more about Upper Park on their website .

Upper Park disc golf bags

Upper Park has three primary disc golf bags on the market. The three bags are each aimed at a different target group, and what they have in common is that the bags are of the highest quality. In 2023, Upper Park has switched to using 100% recycled polyester in their bags.

Upper Park Pinch Pro disc golf bag

The Pinch Pro is also called a mini-Rebel and is the most budget-friendly of the three bags from Upper Park. With a large space in the middle with space for 16 discs, and additional space for 5 discs in the vertical pockets along the back, there is plenty of room for both new and experienced disc golf players to carry their discs.

Upper Park Shift disc golf bag

Shift is a classic from Upper Park. It is a compact, lightweight bag with room for around 20 discs. Shift is designed so that you always have a good overview of discene in your bag and can easily get to each of them. With a weight of just over 1 kg, you get a light bag that is perfect for weekend trips to the disc golf course with your friends.

Upper Park Rebel disc golf bag

The Rebel is a top-of-the-line disc golf bag that can be used by amateurs as well as professional disc golfers. With space for over 30 discs, several different drinking bottles and much more, you get a bag that can do it all. Rebel is the largest of the three disc golf bags from Upper Park.