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Disc Golf Bags

When you go out to play disc golf, it is important that you have complete control of your equipment. You get that with the right disc golf bag. Regardless of whether you have 3 or 30 discs and a lot of extra equipment, there is a disc golf bag that fits your needs exactly.

Which disc golf bag should I choose?

Disc golf bags are designed specifically for use on the disc golf course and come in many different versions. Disc golf players also often use the English term disc golf behind their bags, as disc golf originally originated in the United States, which is why many terms in disc golf originate from the English language.

For disc golf, there are shoulder bags, backpacks and training bags. Common to the disc golf bags is that they are specially designed for your disc golf discs. Many disc golf bags also have room for a water bottle, change of clothes and other equipment for your trip on the disc golf course. Below you will find a short guide to the different types of disc golf bags, so you can more easily choose your next bag.

Disc golf shoulder bags

A shoulder bag for disc golf can typically hold from 5 and up to 12 disc golf discs. It has a single shoulder strap and is a popular choice among new players as well as players who do not need to bring as many discs on the field. In addition to discs, many shoulder bags also have room for a single water bottle.


We recommend shoulder bags for newer disc golf players looking for their first disc golf bag, as well as players who want an alternative to their larger disc golf backpack for use on smaller courses or fun rounds with friends where you do not want to lug around in full arsenal of discs.

Disc golf backpacks

A disc golf backpack is often seen on the courses and is very popular with both beginners and experienced players. It can typically hold from 15 and up to 30+ disc golf discs. In addition to discs, the various disc golf backpacks and space for both water bottles, change of clothes and much more. If you have to go far with your discs on the larger disc golf courses, it can be an advantage to have a backpack that is more comfortable to carry for a longer period of time.


We recommend a disc golf backpack for newer players who from the start would like to experiment with more discs than just the 3 that are typically in a disc golf starter set. We also recommend a disc golf backpack for players who need to have both many discs and other equipment on the course.

Disc golf training bags

Disc golf training bags are designed for the training course as well as for storing discs. They can contain 30-45 discs and are typically not designed for use on the disc golf course, but instead for a training trip on the football field or similar, where you train your throws.

Fill your bag with discs from the biggest brands

At Disc Tree we sell all the major brands and you will find a large selection of golf discs from the international brands Discmania, Discraft, Innova, Latitude 64 and Prodigy. It is also possible that a disc from one of the new manufacturers Danish Løft and Norwegian Alfa Discs should be your new favorite. Explore the store and find everything you need to fill your disc golf bag.