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Disc golf towels

A towel is almost indispensable when playing disc golf. Whether it's dirt, dry soil or moisture on your disc, it's nice to be able to wipe it off before you throw. With a towel in your bag, you can do it quickly.

Disc golf towels

At the top of the list of extra equipment you cannot do without in your disc golf bag, you will find a towel. When soil or moisture has gotten on your disc, it is a sure winner to have a towel with you so that you are quickly ready for your next throw. There are many different types, and regardless of whether you want it hanging on your bag, on your belt or lying in a pocket, the many disc golf towels are sure to suit your needs.

Wet weather or a trip in the water?

Whether it's raining and there's moisture on the grass or you've had the misfortune of having to pick up your disc from one of the waterholes on the course, a towel is handy to have with you.

Take care of your equipment so it lasts longer

Disc golf is in many ways an equipment sport, and although the maintenance may be minimal, a towel helps you avoid having wet discs and soil lying at the bottom of your bag. In this way, you contribute to the equipment lasting longer and maintaining both function and appearance for a longer period of time.

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