To disc golf tasker fra Prodigy i forskellige farver med en slørret baggrund af et bakket landskab


Prodigy is a popular American disc golf manufacturer, known for their innovative design and high quality. Most discs from Prodigy are cleverly named, so that all putters start with P, midranges start with M, etc. At Disc Tree we have a wide range of disc golf discs and bags from Prodigy.


Prodigy is a disc golf producer from Finland who introduced their first series of discs in 2013. As one of the newer players in the market, prodigy has in a short time made its mark on the disc golf scene globally, and today has more than 150 sponsored players.

Popular Prodigy discs

Prodigy has a very structured approach to naming their disc golf discs. All their discs are named with one or two letters, followed by a number. The letter indicates the type of disc in question and the number indicates the disc stability. One can also say that the number says something about how easy or difficult the disc is to throw. The higher the number, the easier the disc is to throw.

Prodigy disc golf disc types

In addition to discs, Prodigy also produces a variety of disc golf bags that you can find in the shop. Whether you're missing a small shoulder bag or a large backpack, Prodigy has something you can use.

Prodigy plastic types

As with the naming of their discs, Prodigy also has a system for naming their plastic types. All plastic types are named with a number from 200 which is their most basic plastic to 750 which is their most premium plastic. Between 200 and 750 are a number of different types of plastic, and it is very much up to the individual player which type of plastic you prefer.

Prodigy disc golf plastic types

Prodigy Flight Chart

Prodigy has created a flight chart which shows and compares the different discs in their selection.

Prodigy disc golf flight chart

At Prodigys own website you can read more about their products and news.

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